Surviving our own greed

No matter how dire the world situation is, Greed will seek a way to profit from it, irregardless of the consequences.  So, in order to survive our own greed, we must find a way to direct it into channels that will result in things getting better for everyone.  This can be done by convincing the greedy that the course of action that will offer the best benefits, or returns, is one which leads to moving our industrial base off planet.  We cannot rely upon enlightenment to protect us from Greed, because even highly educated, intelligent people fall under the sway of this powerful emotion.

Of course, we can just allow the consequences of Greed’s actions to punish the greedy, but, all too often, the innocent suffer the worst punishment.  This is the case right now, where the actions of a few million executives, financeers, and brokers have resulted in mass dislocation.  Economists have been stunned at the lack of self-control the markets have exhibited, thinking that self-preservation would stay the hand of Greed.

So, how are we going to make Greed believe in investing in off-planet development?  By making industrial practices on Earth prohibitively expensive, while supporting the development of technologies for getting into space cheaply, and surviving there.  All the resources that we could possibly want in the forseeable future exist in our solar system, plus nearly unlimited amounts of energy.  The only way that the Earth is unique is that we can live on its surface without advanced technology.  (For the most part.)

Protecting that quality is the most important task facing humanity, because all of our knowledge, all of our determination, all of our creativity, will be nothing if we become extinct.  Our existence is dependent upon environmental factors which are very narrow, with little tolerance.  Too hot, too cold, too dry, too wet, too little oxygen, too much radiation, and we are toast.  Then there are the incoming rocks, which occasionally wipe out whole species.

We are in a race, a race to develop a technology which will allow us to survive anywhere before the only home we have becomes uninhabitable.  It does not matter if that is through our own actions, or the forces of Nature.  In either case, there will be no more tomorrows for anyone if we are still stuck on Earth.


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