A slice of the pie

Everyone wants a slice of the pie, but some people want the whole pie.  Well, they have gotten it.  They have all of the money, and we have none.  This is the drawback to the way that capitalism is practiced in the United States.  The money ends up in the hands of a few, the mass has nothing, and commerce comes to a stop. Pop!  The bubble bursts.  Deflation sets in, and markets crash.  What is anything worth, if no one has the money to buy it?  They can’t borrow the money anymore, because the bankers don’t know how much the money is worth.

We are all so far in debt that there is no possibility that we can pay it off.  We are in default on too many things, because there are not enough of us actually creating anything of value to exchange for what we need.  A service is only as good as the ability to pay for it.  When everyone has to do their own cooking, restuarants are not going to do well.  And the list goes down the line.

We are now in the Post-Industrial, Post Everything, Service economy.  And we are all broke.  We can not afford to consume Service anymore. EOF

End Of File

There is a different way to look at Capitalism.  Do not look at people as a resource, look at them as owners.  They own the means of production.  The buildings, assembly lines, and whatnot are only there to create a place for people to work.  Supposedly, productivity has increased by several percent every year for years and years.  Has compensation for labor?

Labor is not just a resource to be exploited for the lowest possible cost.  Labor is provided by people, the members of your community.  Your community is this country, what you call yourself.  If you are an American, your community is broke.  Maybe you aren’t, but so many of us are that your money is not going to be much compensation for the loss that cannot be measured in dollars.  Our culture, our pride, our energy.

The only way out of this situation is to put everyone to work working for each other.  Creating wealth that all of us benefit from, because it makes each of us worth more.  Rapid transit systems, fiber optic networks, high speed rail systems, space exploration.  We are going to have to get used to work a lot without being able to spend very much, because all of our money is going to be used by the government to pay for creating this wealth.  But this will be real wealth, not shopping centers, office towers, and parking lots.  This will be wealth that will be used for years and years, and create more wealth every time it is used.

This is capitalism as practiced where the people are the owners, even though they do not own the companies that do the work.  I have a saying that I came up with.  “If I work to make things better for everyone, things will get better for me, too.”  Whether or not we end along with the ending of the old ways is up to us.


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