What do we really want?

There has been a great deal of rheteric about ‘energy independance’, focusing on more energy efficient cars as the means to achieve it.  We are being duped!  The wealthy don’t want any big changes, they want us to go on consuming energy as we have in the past.  If we truly wanted to achieve freedom from the Mid-East, we would be figuring out ways to stop driving, period.

Mass transit, bicycles, walking, these are the only ways that we are going substantially reduce the amount of oil that we consume.  These are also the only ways that we will be able to extricate ourselves from the religious cesspool that is the Middle East.  When people get on their knees to pray five times a day, every single day, and are more than willing to die for what they believe in, any attempts to alter their lifestyles can result in jihad, a religious war.

Saving the auto industry is only a way of prolonging our dependance on oil, in spite of the wonderful sounding words about increased fuel efficiency.  Cars simply are not the answer.  The longer we pretend that we can afford to drive wherever we want, whenever we want, by ourselves, the longer it will take for us to achieve the true independance of self-sufficancy.

Our government has intentionally aided the auto industry to make us dependent on oil, by subsidizing road building, encouraging companies to invest in Mid-East oil fields, and turning a blind eye to the environmental devastation that results from distilling large amounts of gasoline from crude oil.  Consumption has been the goal, not efficiency, because consumption makes certain people wealthier.

The money that we are spending in Iraq and Afghanistan would have created mass transit systems in many American cities, as well as updating existing ones.  Instead, we are cultivating a whole new generation of terrorists, religious fundamentalists, and extremists.  We cannot impose our ways upon other people, no matter how much money we spend, military might we use, or rhetoric we spew.,


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