Just playing around

I am one of those people who are always playing with things, tweaking the volume, adjusting the color, whatever.  I know that I drive some people nuts, because they think that what I am messing with works just fine.  Probably, it does.  But it might work better, and I usually want to find out.  This kind of playing is the source of many discoveries and advances, and people have discovered things that required going beyond the normal, or ordinary, and looking for the pinnacle.

Another thing that I think is important about ‘playing around’ is that it helps to keep us young, by requiring us to think of things in new or different ways.  The longer our minds follow the same paths, the less willing we tend to be at trying new ones.  We can become blind to what is right next to our feet, because we have looked at the same spot so many times and never seen anything there.  Looking around with fresh eyes, seeking out the changes that are constantly happening around us, these are the qualities that we associate with youthful minds.

But, more than anything, age is a state of mind, in my opinion.  How we embrace life depends on whether we are looking for surprises, or trying to avoid them.  There are small surprises around us in everyday, which do not threaten our way of life, or our peace of mind, merely things that we have not expected.  Dealing with those surprises, learning to adapt to changing situations, these are skills which make it easier to cope with the big surprises.

It looks like all of us are going to be experiencing change on a scale far beyond anything in our lifetimes.  What we have come to believe is tried and true might become the latest addition to the garbage pile, as we are forced to find new ways of making our journey through life.  Playing around may be the only thing which helps us to find new solutions, new practices.


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