How do they do it?

Sometimes, I wonder how womyn cope.  Not only do they have to deal with all the things that Nature throws at them, like constantly changing bodies, recurring pain, and the menses, but they also have to deal with our society’s demands.  Unless boys are severely overweight, they usually don’t have many problems with body image.  For girls, their body image is about the most important thing in the world.

Being slim and well proportioned are often mutually exclusive, because breasts will not be large if the body has little fat.  But the hourglass figure is the ideal of nearly all young womyn, and plastic surgery while still a teenager is considered acceptable to enhance what Nature provides.  That cost is miniscule in comparision to what womyn spend on make-up over the course of their lives.  The so-called ‘beauty’ industry is a multi-billion dollar-a-year rip off, leading people to believe that beauty is only skin deep.

And womyn have to pay for those enhancing products from salaries that are usually smaller than men’s.  Not only that, but they are often expected to wear clothing that must be dry cleaned, an expense that is not compensated for in their wages.  Neither are manicures and hair-dos, both of which are considered essential for any management-level womyn.

Although one might think so, having a partner does not usually reduce the workload that womyn must carry.  In fact, a mate often adds more work to the daily routine of womyn.  And men rarely have to deal with age bias, being considered a marketable product well into their 60’s in professions where they appear in front of the public.  For womyn, age 40 often brings removal from the public eye, to be replaced by a 20-something with no experience.

Womyn surely must the stronger gender, because they have to deal so many more things than men.  Although great strides have been made in improving their lot, womyn still have a long way to go to achieve equality, and one of the most difficult challenges is to get men to change.  Becoming a female man does not mean equality, it only emphasizes the descrimination.  Getting men to express their feminine side is likely the only way that true equality will be achieved.  Any bets on how long that will take?


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