There are better ways

Someone just asked me why I started this blog.  For one thing, I love to write, and write a lot.  Sharing my thoughts with others is important to me, because I want to know just how crazy I am.  But mainly, I look around me and see things that don’t have to be, as well as seeing ways to do things better.  I have studied history, and have some understanding of the forces that affect our lives, such as economics.

One of my greatest concerns is the environment.  Everyone wants a bigger slice of the ‘pie’, but the pie is not getting any bigger.  Yet, there are more and more people asking for a slice.  The ‘pie’ is the combined resources of our planet, not just the wealth that is made by exploiting them.  As standards of living rise, the amount of resources used by individuals increases.

Our future may be one of conserving increasingly scarce resources, with a steadily declining standard of living.  Or we could choose to expand beyond this one planet we inhabit, to make use of the resources which abound in our Solar System.  That path leads to increasing monetary wealth for all, through the benefits of advanced technology, as well as a cleaner environment, because it will become cheaper and easier to process resources outside of our atmosphere, where the energy is free.

Our greed threatens our very survival, as we foul our nest with the wastes created by our technology.  It is my hope to channel that greed into pushing the sphere of human activity beyond our home, into the Solar System.  That is the only way that I can see a better future for all, for generations to come.  The Earth should be a residential area, with no industry or mining to foul the air and water.


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