Going down the drain.

The way that we live, the processes that make our lives possible, the nature of the work that we do, how we school our children, all of these in the midst of upheaval.  We have discovered that we are using energy in ways that are foolish and unsustainable.  The very fabric of our society is being changed by forces far removed from our homes.

In order to keep things affordable in times of inflation, quality has been sacrificed over and over again.  Many homes today will not last as long as the mortgage taken out to have them built.  Cars have become complex machines which are usually wrecks by the time that they are paid for.  Easy credit has been the sole reason for the economic growth of the last decade or longer,  and easy credit has come to an end.  Wealth measured in numbers in computers is still disappering rapidly, while bridges and schools are still there.

Underground houses, high speed rail systems, education tailored to the individual, given to the individual at that person’s pace.  The ending of using drinking water to flush toilets with, the end of giant sewage treatment plants, the end of driving everywhere, the end of flying everywhere, the end of supertankers, the end of newspapers.

We have managed to avoid drastic change for so long that we have lost all control over change, and now we are likely to change drastically, chaotically.  Our culture, our very dietary habits, were altered profoundly by the Industrial Revolution.  Now we are dealing with the fallout of sacrificing the family to the factory.  In a culture where the term ‘murder-suicide’ has become common usage, we have to hope for some kind of change.


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