Could I get a phone with my cell plan, please?

Nowadays, phone service providers are so interested in making money off of extras that the phone you usually get is a piece of ka-ka.  Between providing a large enough screen to make surfing the ‘net possible and viewing images, and stuffing a high quality digital camera into the thing, the phone becomes fragile, easily messed up. Considering that the majority of cell phone users are merely socializing, those things are not that important.  But for people who really need a cell phone, the present situation is almost disgusting.

I would like to see a phone that is just a phone, no camera, no internet, with an antenna that extends,  a docking port protected by a retractable cover, and a battery that will support talking for at least 12 hours.  I don’t care if it is big, or heavy, or both, I want a phone that is reliable, that will do what I need for it to do.  Sure, I know that the exact phone that I have described is available for a few hundred dollars, but why can’t one of the phones offered by a phone service provider for free have these qualities?

Phone companies are trying to make cellular phones like Personal Data Assistants, multi-purpose devices that will perform a number of jobs, all of which have profit potential for the service providers.   Text messaging is merely the first step in reaping huge additional profits from cell phone users.  Internet access, image processing, instant messaging, all of these functions are supported by large networks now, with the capability to bill every second of use of each program, and round up to the nearest minute.

So most people end up geting a phone that is so small that it is nearly a choking hazard, with a battery that can only last about a third of the time that it is needed to, and is so fragile that a bump that is hardly noticable can disable it.  Of course, if I pay insurarce, I can get a new one for next to nothing, (but usually not nothing,} and so, provide an insurace company with profit as well.

Through smart marketing, a service which is certainly non-essential for most people has been made to seem indispensable.  In order to continue to pull in huge profits, now that the cell phone market is pretty well saturated, extra services have been added.  But reliable voice communication, the basic reason for cellular phones, has been pushed aside in the interests of profit.  Often times, a cell tower is operating at or near its capacity, which leads to dropped calls, just because there are so many subscribers who are talking about nothing important.


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