Not more money, more CARE!

The saddest thing to me about the current health insurance debate is the drive to throw more money at the problem.  The problem is that we are spending too much money on health insurance.  For what we pay, we should have universal coverage, full dental, vision, and mental as well.  Our health care costs are the highest in the world, even though only a small part of the population enjoys the very best health care.

Instead of reigning in the profits that the insurance companies reap off of health plans, the Congress seems intent on finding more money to give them, to compensate for the supposed losses that they will face if everyone has insurance.  But our current bill for health insurance is far beyond what we should be paying if everyone did have insurance.  Because the larger the pool, the lower the risk that the insurer faces of a big number of substantial claims.  Most people don’t need expensive health care in their lives.  And even fewer would require such expenditures if proper preventative medicine and dentistry were the standard form of health care that most people consumed.

Congress is trying to preserve the health insurance industry as a profitable business, irregardless of where that profit comes from.  If we are going to spend even more money on health insurance, we should buy out the share holders, over a span of several years, so that they can realize their profits from their investments while still allowing the government to eliminate the profits, reducing the costs of the care that we receive.

Every patient who sees a doctor is receiving a service, which should be rewarded.  Doctors should be able to set their fees within a market value, and be paid in a reasonable period of time.  This is not what has made health care so expensive.  It is the fee that the insurance company adds to every transaction between the doctor and patient, and fees which do not involve doctors services at all, but the services of the insurance company instead, which has helped drive the costs of the care that we receive beyond sustainable levels.


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