My hat is off to Apple!

At the request of a friend, I met a friend of hers who had just purchased a new Apple iMac computer.  She was concerned about getting a program written for Windows to work on the Mac.  We investigated several options, and I told her that I considered the best one to be a dual-boot system, where the computer can boot up into either of two operating systems, thus allowing her to run Windows when she wanted to use her specialized software.

Come to find out, Apple has included that option in their new operating system, ‘Snow Leopard’.  It will automatically divide the hard disc drive into two virtual disc drives, and then allow you to install your Windows disc on the other one.  This is astonishingly mature  for a company in such a cut throat industry as Apple is.  But they have recognized that Windows users want to be able to enjoy the benefits of running a Mac, without having to sacrifice the advantages that come from using the operating system that almost all applications are written for.

This method allows the Mac user to enjoy the incredible design of these new computers, while still being able to run proprietary software for Windows.  And I have never seen a Windows machine like this!  It is beautiful, functional, and easy.  It is also probably very expensive.  But, if I had the money, I would certainly buy one!


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