Survival is bad for business!

Reading about the debate surrounding U. S. Senate action on climate change, I kept thinking that there are people in this country who are willing to sacrifice the future in order to keep what they have today.  Not just their own futures, but everyone’s future.  To protect the profits that they are making right now, they resist any kind of change which could reduce those profits.

Denying change is a common attitude in people, but it is one which can not be allowed to exist in a business organization.  Maintaining profitability means anticipating change and preparing for it, altering methods as required, rather than trying to cope just for the short term.  American business has become so entrenched in its ways, so conservative, that it denies the future constantly.

Millions of dollars are being spent on lobbyists in hopes of prevent legislation from passing, because that legislation will hinder current methods of doing business.  But the intent is to try to insure that there will be business to be done in the future, instead of desolation.   Somehow, we must counteract the tendency in American business to ignore unpleasant facts until they bankrupt us.   What is needed right now is innovation, experimentation, not stubbornness and obstructionism.


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