A change is gonna come

Our world is changing, and their are some people who are so greedy that they are afraid of that change.  They fear that their empires will be wiped out, that their wealth will evaporate, that what they hold dear will be compromised.  Rather than embrace change, accept it as a way to improve things, they portray it as evil, avoidable, or the result of manipulation.  They insist that taking proactive action will only waste money, hamper economic activity, or erode our strength.

Currently, a United States senator is calling for a way to prevent the Environmental Protection Agency from doing what it was created to do: protect the American people from greed and stupidity.  There is no doubt that regulating greenhouse gases will have an impact on our lives, possibly causing costs of production and transportation to rise, and reducing the demand for fossil fuels.  Because this senator is from a state which is currently heavily dependent on the oil industry, it seems likely that her desire to hinder the EPA in issuing and enforcing regulations regarding greenhouse gases stems from her fears that her state will lose income.

One of the changes that is occurring in the world right now is that the United States is now competing with other countries for access to fossil fuels.  Previously, the US consumed more oil than the rest of the world combined, but that is no longer true.  So Alaska will always have a market for its oil.  (As I understand it, most Alaskan oil has been sold to Japan in the past anyway.)  As the Chinese and Indians expand their consumption of oil, the price will go up.  This will have a major impact on the US, but no one wants to admit that.

That we will be forced by economic conditions to change our way of life is repellent to us, for it implies that we are no longer wealthy or powerful.  But our wealth and power did not come from denying change, they are the result of Americans looking ahead, innovating, challenging beliefs.  We have an opportunity to reshape our society, to reinvent ourselves, but we instead are turning our backs on the future.  Change cannot be prevented, it can only be delayed.  And the more it is delayed, the less control we will have when the change finally takes place.


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