What will the Republicans do if they win?

Suppose that the Republican party wins back control of Congress in the next elections.  Will they continue to pretend that there is no real problem with health care in America?  Will they scuttle or undue any changes to the financial system?  Will the continue to insist that there is no such thing as global warming?  Will they insist that the government stop supporting the housing market?  Will they begin witchhunts for illegal aliens, condoning armed border patrols by vigilantes?  Will they gut safety net programs to balance the budget?  Will they continue to embrace the radical far right?

These questions come to mind when considering the recent behavior of Republicans in Congress, who have not offered suggestions on how to deal with some of the most serious problems facing this country.  Even though the Democrat proposals on health care reform are very modest, the Republican response has been extremely hostile.  Their proposals are for the ‘market to work things out.’  In other words, let the health insurance companies go on making huge profits while the number of people with access to health care declines.

The Republicans are adamantly opposed to cap and trade legislation for carbon emissions, saying that we cannot afford to mess with the energy sector in this time of reliance on foreign energy.  They steadfastly refuse to acknowledge that possibility that dumping billions of tons of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere every year might have any effect on the environment.  To them, it seems that profits are more important than survival.

Republicans have been very vocal about stopping illegal immigration, yet it seems that the majority of employers who provide those illegal immigrants with jobs are Republicans.  Will they actually reduce the profitability of their enterprises by driving the low cost labor force back to Mexico?  Or will they turn their backs on illegal immigration, but deny these people any access to health care, education, or food?

The Republicans are opposed to the bailouts that were initiated during the administration of the last Republican president.  Are they willing to see home prices fall even more?  They don’t believe that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac should be given money to make it possible for new home buyers to enter the market, so they must believe that having millions of houses standing empty is a good thing.  Helping people find work is not their way of saving the economy, cutting taxes is.  Somehow, allowing rich people to get richer faster will create new employment, according to that thinking.

It is a lot easier to say “No” than it is to agree to work with someone you don’t like.  If we keep saying “No” long enough, we won’t have to worry about working with anyone, because there will be nothing left to save.  And, no matter what happens, the Republicans can blame it on the Democrats.  That is certainly comforting.


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