A peevish post

Sometimes, I get so frustrated that I wish we would see the results of inaction.  You don’t believe in health care reform, than watch what happens to health care in a few years.  Global warming strikes you as a joke,  just hang around for a while.    The only trouble is, inaction is what we are seeing.  Foot dragging by the wealthy, conservative powers is making action almost impossible.  No matter what is proposed, it is wrong, doesn’t go far enough, goes too far, or is in some other way flawed.

This, of course, is if you can get an admission that there is a problem.  Many conservatives don’t see any problems with our current health care system, in spite of the millions of Americans without access to any other care than what they can get in the Emergency Room.  Or that the costs of health care insurance are pushing states, local governments, and companies into bankruptcy.  Hospitals are providing so much charity care that it threatens their survival.

Perhaps market forces are about to arrange a restructuring of the health care system; As more and more healthy people are dropping their health insurance in these troubled times, the insurance companies are forced to raise their rates to remain profitable.  This leads to the ‘death spiral’, where the only persons with health insurance are the sick ones, and their claims wipe out the insurance company.

One way or another, the system is going to change, because we are not able to afford the continuing rise in costs.  Letting market forces dictate what kind of change we will see means most Americans losing access to health care, as providers leave the field, and insurance premiums keep rising.  Companies will stop offering health care benefits, as well as governments, and the majority of people will not have health care insurance.  Health care will become difficult to find, as doctors and hospitals go out of business.

We have that to look forward to if we continue as we are.



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