Enjoy what you have, because you won’t be getting any more

The rich folks have won.  They have all the money now, so the rest of us can’t play anymore.  No matter what we do, we will not get any further ahead.  Indeed, many of us will sink even further, in spite of working as hard as we can.  Health care is going to become impossible to get, no one will loan us more money, because we already owe more than we can pay back, and new jobs are not going to appear.

When the 5 percent of the population that used to control 95 percent of the wealth refused to share even a 100th of 1 percent of that wealth, they made it impossible for those without any wealth to gain more.  Greed has destroyed the game, making it impossible to continue.  We might as well walk away.


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2 Responses to “Enjoy what you have, because you won’t be getting any more”

  1. theunicornlady Says:

    I too have lost a great deal of wealth (over $300,000 – had to close down a business) in the last year – – and will lose our house. Fortunetly both my husband and I are currently employeed and are OK at the moment.

    for some good insite into this mess “Everything much change” by Brian D. McLaren.

    To gain more wealth you must learn to live on less than you make. Very difficult to do if you are not making anything. Learning to live in poverty when you have been middle class is difficult. Don’t give up. If you are creative enough to write a blog – – I personally believe there is a place out here for you to get an income.

    Increase income or decrease expense are the only ways to create wealth. There are people in minimum wage jobs who have left $100,000 to charity – – why not you?

    ps. Bankruptcy was a painful options – – but it was the right choice for us.


    • scootwhoman Says:

      Thank you for the positive energy. In spite of my bitter tone, I have not lost any money. I have never had money to lose, being an idle layabout most of my life. When I work, I like to work hard, but I don’t like myself very much, and have never had the confidence to make anything of myself.

      The blog post that you responded to is not about me, it is about the System, Greed, and Obedience. Those who are extremely wealthy have hardly lost anything, while those who followed the rules and bought into the System have been raped. Yet, it is those who have been raped that the wealthy expect to return to spending more than they have, so that the economy will grow again. They have trained us to believe that we must consume to be of worth, in order that our consumption will increase their wealth.

      But only the wealthy have money anymore, they have accumulated all that there is. They refuse to share, or to decrease their ability to gain more wealth, so there are no more chips on the table. Instead of beating ourselves up because we cannot spend to justify our existence, we need to walk away from the game, find new ways to survive, and let the System crash.

      The inherent drawback of pure Capitalism is that the wealthy end up with all of the money. That is what has happened. They won. Now, it is time for a new game. Maybe this time we can do it better.


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