Being counted for our benefit

The upcoming census is not interested in who you are, what you do, or what you believe.  It is all about how many of us there are, and where we came from.  That is the only information which will be kept from all of the responses.  Your identity doesn’t matter, your wants and desires have no bearing, as far as the census is concerned.  Nor is there any way for what the census learns to be used against any individual.

In order for our nation to govern itself properly, it must know how many of there are, and where we live, so that we receive our fair share of what is ours.  Every possible means to protect our individual identities is taken, so that we are treated only as data points.  At the same time, steps must be taken to insure that fraud and deceit do not distort the information, so that you will only be counted once.

Those who founded our country believed that it is important to know how many of us there are.  They made it part of the United States Constitution that we be counted every ten years, part of the responsibility that goes with being of this country, so that we can share equally the benefits this country brings us.


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