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Childhood? What childhood?


Yesterday, I was at a local convenience store, and there were two children there.  One was a girl of about 8 or 9, and the other was a boy of about 5 or 6.  The girl was talking on a cellphone, and the boy was waiting furiously.  I overheard the girl say something like, “Mom, your Visa card didn’t work.”  Then, she told the little boy to run home and get the Quest card.

These children were dealing with things which  some adults had difficulty dealing with not too long ago; using a credit card, having it rejected, and making a call on a cellular phone.  The little girl was very adult sounding, but the little boy was still being a little boy.  I saw him as I was walking home.  He was playing with some friends, who were outside the apartments that he lived in, all thoughts of a mission gone.  Then, he must have remembered, because he turned away from his fellows and started walking towards the house.

I  was happy to see that he had not succumbed entirely to responsibility