Market madness

The Politburo of the Chinese Communist Party, the top level of the power structure in China, has called for greater transparency in the the Chinese stock market. The Chinese stock market is worrying the leaders of the Chinese Communist party!?!!  For some reason, that sounds impossible.  Capitalism IS taking over the world, in the rather clumsy guise of the United States.  We have exported our pollution, our consumerism, and our jobs to third world countries, and turned them into capitalistic regimes.  China is now the largest market for automobiles, not the U. S.

But the Chinese cannot seem to convert to consumerism fast enough, because their economy is slowing down rapidly.  Much of the development that is needed to sustain a consumerist society is missing in China, though, as Chinese people are still wary of spending all of their money.  I would have thought that the wisdom of centuries of existence would have guided the Chinese around the consumerism trap, where the economy begins to stagnate because nobody is making anything anymore, they are just buying it.  Japan has fallen into this trap, after developing the most powerful economy in the world.  Japan sent most of its jobs overseas, to Thailand, Korea, and even China, and now the people are afraid to spend.

Capitalism is a self-destructive process of continued concentration of money in the hands of a few.  The more money you have, the easier it is to make money.  Eventually, the economy comes to a shuddering halt, because the majority of the people have no money to spend.  Firing everyone and moving production overseas means that the people who used to be able to buy the product you make can now no longer afford it.  One function of government is to re-distribute some of the wealth, so that the economy keeps moving.  This is a form of socialism, but it is necessary if the greed cultivated by materialism and consumerism are to be kept in check.  An example of those forces was the failure to lower prices when production costs were slashed.  Building things in China from parts made in China from materials manufactured in China means that the end product costs much less than it did when it was made in the U.S.A.  But prices never came down, just the quality.

Communism is supposed to avoid this mess by putting the tools of production in the hands of everybody, so that, theoretically, at least, every one makes new wealth together, and everyone gains in wealth, because the wealth belongs to everyone.  Stock markets are totally anti-communist, pure capitalism at work, greed in flashing, speeding numbers.  Catering to the American way has brought China to its knees, so wrapped up in the capitalist struggle that the very leaders of the communist party are advocating for greater transparency and better protection of investors.  Graft, corruption, and insider trading have been rampant in China, symptoms of the same greed that is destroying America.  America is a world leader, but a leader into inequality, squalor, and repression.  I am proud to be an American, most of the time.


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