Inequality must stop!

There are several ways to address income inequality, from taxation to raising the minimum wage.  Some way must be found to share more wealth with the working people, so that they can consume luxury goods.  Otherwise, the economy is going to stagnate as all of the wealth ends up in the hands of a very few people.  Encouraging payment of higher wages, without raising the minimum wage, is the least inflationary method of redistributing wealth.  Workers have not been compensated for the incredible increases in productivity which have occurred over the last 20 to 30 years.

Another way of redistributing wealth is national health insurance.  If everyone were to pay in, depending on their level of income, there would be little difficulty in improving the health of the American people.  The problem lies in getting enough people into the health care field when compensation is very low for the amount of preparation required, and the demands of the job.  The shortage of doctors and nurses is becoming acute in many areas, resulting in a great deal of overtime.


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