Loving the darkness

Now is the time of year (if you live in the Northern Hemisphere,) when the days are getting shorter.  Very short, the further north you go, until there is no day, just darkness.  Hibernation seems like a reasonable thing to do, and going out is just crazy.  Winter is settling in, with cold and snow, ice and rain.

In the United States, this is the time of year when many people have their Christmas lights burning.  It is as if they are celebrating the nights getting longer, the days getting colder.  Then, shortly after the days begin to lengthen, they turn their lights off, saying that “the Christmas season is over.”

Christmas was originally a celebration of the YuleTide, the Winter Solstice, and the return of light to the world.  The Sun was reborn, returning from the land of Death to bring life back to the world.  To the ancients, Winter had begun over a month ago, at Halloween.  The celebration now was to honor the return of the Sun.  It was heresy, blasphemy, to celebrate before the Sun began its return, taunting the gods to make the Sun go away forever.

Therefore, I love the darkness of early December, because I know that soon the Sun will be returning, bringing another Spring.  After the Solstice, on December the 25th, I will light my lights, and celebrate.  That  is the old way.


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