The darkness in our souls

The weeks immediately preceding Christmas have become fabled for the ravening greed of the shoppers, the huge crowds, the incessant advertising. Over and over again, we hear how this shopping season can make or break retailers. Sales numbers are compared, and forecasts made about what ‘kind’ of shopping season it will be.

This is the most intense media frenzy we know, repeated year after year, with one goal in mind; buy, buy, buy. And don’t be late, because it all will be meaningless the next day, when the most common phrase is “What did you get for Christmas?” We teach our children to expect material goods when what they really want are hugs and attention. We create fictitious characters to hide our giving, confusing our children even more.

Materialism, blatant and corrupting, spreading out from the U.S. in waves of automobiles, blue jeans, and iPhones. No wonder we celebrate as the nights get longer, and the days colder.


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