Over the years, I have sought counseling for depression several times, and I have done some reading on the subject.  In the last 10 or 15 years, I have heard a new term used in therapy; affirmation.  This refers to a process involving making a person feel like they are part of a group, that they are wanted and needed, that they have value.  Although I first heard the term ‘affirmative’ when I was a kid of 7 or 8, and was familiar with the word ‘affirm’, I had not heard affirmation used in a clinical setting until the early 2000’s.

The word used to refer solely to a legal statement which stated a person’s memories or intent were indeed true, or something like that.  Only when researchers realized that there is a psychological process which builds a persons self-esteem, through physical and emotional feedback.  To be told that we belong, that we are important, and that people value us has a tremendous impact, as do hugs.

Seek out affirmation, look at ways that you can affirm others, visualize people hugging, sitting together, walking holding hands.  Bring some good into the world, help overcome the hate we have for ourselves.


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