Deep in the dark of Autumn

We are in the last days of Autumn, the shortest days are only a couple of weeks away.  Night is taking over, and the God has traveled to the Underworld, to experience Death again, so that he may be renewed.  Now is not the time for revelry, we must wait until the Solstice has passed, and we have made sure that the Sun is returning.  We dare not affront the gods by celebrating something so dire, so impossible to survive,  as the Sun leaving us forever, casting us into darkness, where nothing will grow, and no hope can exist.  A vigil was kept until dawn, so that the place where the Sun rose could be carefully noted, and the Solstice verified.  But sometimes the weather was bad, and one could not be sure for a few days whether the Sun was indeed returning.  Taking things for granted was not widely done in the past.

Modern people don’t think about affronting the gods, they just party when they feel like it.  Right now, people are partying, yet the days are getting shorter, and colder.  Now is the time to appreciate the darkness, so that we can truly embrace the return of the Sun after the Solstice.  Many people feel like hibernating during this time, a survival trait deeply ingrained in our genes, a method to survive the winter without starving to death.  When candles were the only source of artificial light, staying awake after dark was a waste of time, unless there was something really important to do.  Enjoy the darkness, save the celebration for the end of December and early January, when we traditionally celebrated the Yule, the beginning of a new year.


One Response to “Deep in the dark of Autumn”

  1. Dennis Says:

    Interesting. I think of Jesus Christ as the Light of the World, and the God of all creation. Thanks for sharing your meaningful metaphor of the cycle of light.


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