We are all worth something.

Society today is struggling with increasing levels of homelessness, drug abuse, suicide, and early death.  Our methods are no longer working, if they ever actually worked before.  There is more than enough wealth in existence to provide a minimum of needs to everyone.  Enough food to eat, health care, and a place to sleep.  Counseling, therapy, training, the expenses of taking care of people can be measured in dollars, or in deaths from starvation, tuberculosis, and exposure.

We are all equal in the end, for no one has yet cheated death.  But treating each other as equals is difficult for many to do, because of beliefs, bias, or ignorance.  Assuring everyone the basic minimum needed for life does not mean that the welfare rolls are going to swell, because most people want more out of life than just a place to sleep and food to eat.  Giving everyone a chance, helping them to find their path, these are the qualities that we admire in others.

Cooperation and community have made it possible for humanity to make it this far.  Without both, we will not make it much further.  Everyone has value, every person deserves to be treated with dignity and fairness.  We need each other, because none of us will get out of this alive.


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