Working Together

When I have a task in front of me, I enjoy being able to work with other people to accomplish it.  Working with others helps me to stay on task, and to keep going when I feel like quitting.  Working together can even be fun, and there is something special about watching someone do a task that you were thinking needed to be done, but didn’t have the time at the moment to do it.

We can almost feel connected, sharing some telepathic link, when we are working together, because we can settle into roles which compliment each other, until work can be a dance,  moving in accord with what we are doing and what others are doing, so that we don’t get in other people’s way, and they step aside at just the right moment to avoid interfering with your work, without even looking at you.

That is a feeling of belonging, of being recognized, which is very special, very rewarding.  It is how we got here.


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