How many of you does it take to be you?

A jellyfish is an strange organism, made up of individuals working and sharing together.  Early life seems to have been groups of cells which banded together to create organisms.  Your body is constantly renewing itself, replacing cells which age and die, yet you continue to exist as you.  Without the millions of bacteria in your gut, you would starve, be poisoned, and blow up.  We live in symbiosis with life around and inside of us.  We ARE a community.

Humanity is a community, which is rapidly tearing itself apart, as we set ourselves aside from others, pretending that they are not part of our group.  Yet, the only way that the human race will survive is if we treat all of us the same, as family.  We are hurtling through space at millions of kilometers per hour, crew on a spaceship made of rock and water.  Every single one of us will die.  Every single one of us had a mother.  Every single one of us has something to give to the others.  We are an organism, a planetary network of interdependent living things.  We are you.  You are us.  How many of us do you think you are worth?


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