Wings On Water

Wind can power more than turbines to make electricity.  Sailboat racing has become a media-friendly sport, what with the development of miniature cameras and satellite links.  Technology has also influenced boat design and construction, to the the point that the newest boats are made entirely of carbon, even the sails.  Sailing has been characterized as standing in a shower tearing up $100 bills, and a boat is a hole in the water that you pour money into, so the average bloke is not going to run out and buy a new super-maxi sailboat.

But they sure can be exciting to watch, without having people beating each other up.  The sea will do the beating, along with the wind.  Sailboats are now capable of speeds that powerboats dreamed of, 25, 30, and even 40 knots, hour after hour.  Comanche, one of the newest racing sailboats, recently traveled over 600 miles in 24 hours, which is an average of something like 27 knots.  Check out some of the Rolex sponsored events on YouTube, as they are very well covered.  Formula 1 car racing now has some competition for the millionaires money!


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