Paying more for less work

One way to improve the economy would be to pay people full-time wages for part-time work.  In other words, for 20 hours of work, someone would earn as much as if they worked 40 hours.  And have two people doing that, so that a full-time position is handled by two people, each making a full-time salary.  Many companies could do this and still make a profit, just not as big of one as before.  But this would have the effect of spreading the money around, instead of concentrating it in the hands of a few.

The more we try to maximize our profit, the less beneficial we are to the community.  Increasing profits eventually comes from allowing hazardous materials to get into the environment, using inferior materials to make our product with, and forcing employees to use public assistance.  Our enterprise is now costing the community, instead of creating value for it.

At the same time that tax rates on the wealthy have been cut and cut again, wages for most workers have not increased.  This has allowed enormous wealth to accrue to a small portion of the population, which has resulted in economic stagnation, market volatility, and asset depreciation.  It doesn’t matter what we say something is worth, if no one else wants it, it ain’t worth much.  When everyone has a couple of houses to flip, no one is buying houses.


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