Men we are not, People we are

7000 years ago, men  who had lots of spare time, invented agriculture.  Prior to that, there were The People, male female, and everything in between.  We all were the same.  Agriculture changed all of that.  Men started religions, created marriage, and subjugated half the human race.  Being The People got us to where we could thrive and survive, with language to pass knowledge down.

Men were all about  ‘I’.  There was no ‘we’ anymore.  Prior to agriculture, women had been powerful members of “The People”, some person with strength who had words.  The society treated everyone as the same.  Everyone.  Bi-sexual, transexual, asexual.  Even homosexual.  We were The People, we were all the same, we lived, we loved, and Life continued in the best way that we could make it.  Then  Men created ‘religion’, and if you didn’t get it, life could end….   :(:

The symbol I used there, ” :(:  ”  is an expression of the guilt and shame than religion brought us, all very unintentionally, of course, but none the less, we are TWO now, in constant conflict.  We did not bring Life into this world accidentally when we were The People.  There were no abortions, because every child that was conceived was wanted.  But People, men and women working together, could have a blast without any concern of getting pregnant.  Which, by the way, both sexes do when in a relationship.  Which is why periods are so bad, because the guys are being complete bitches too.


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