Can you see it?

Visualization is the most powerful tool humans have to affect Change.  Change is endless, inevitable, and powerful.  The longer it is put off, deferred, blocked, the more powerful Change becomes.  Instead of trying to block Change, or prevent it, we must work with it, channeling it in ways that allow what we want to happen.  This is accomplished by visualizing the end result, the end goal, and holding that visualization in mind all the time.  Visualizing activates portions of our brains, our souls,  which extend beyond the physical realm into the place of What Can Be.

Physicists now claim (some of them, anyway, or was it mathematicians?) that there are 11 different dimensions in our reality, the Space-Time Continuum.  We only perceive a few of them, apparently, but part of us seems to be aware of information which is a part of a dimension we do not perceive in the classical sense of touch, hear, see, taste, smell.  It is almost as if there is a part of us which actually exists in some of the other dimensions, linking us in some way, so that we may be aware of things which are happening far, far away.  In space or in time, or both.

Visualization is a way to bring the power of the mind into the realm of energy, by using the mind to bend, or to shape the Life Force, the energy flowing through us and around us constantly.  A small amount of force, applied at the right place and the right time, can have momentous consequences.  Words are linear, rational, defining, limiting.  When we see what we want, we are putting energy into the flow, pushing, deflecting, collecting, straightening.  If we give it time, and accept solutions that lie beyond what we had imagined, we can find movement in the direction towards our goal.  Think of ways that achieving your goals will benefit other people.  Visualize them!


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