Alone in a crowd

The other day, (no, not THAT day) I was sitting around with some friends of mine, talking and listening to music.  Okay, I know that makes me strange, but I am an old geezer.  Anyway, there were three people in the room with me, and all of them were looking at their phones.  And I think that two of them were texting each other.  I thought to myself, “What can I do, bring a TV in here?  No, they are immune to TV now, I am sure.  Maybe some pyrotechnics?  A few explosions and bright flashes might get their attention.”

I carry a cell phone, but that is about all that I use it for.  Some people text me, but the phone is really clumsy for texting, so I usually don’t respond.  Used to be, you could turn off the GPS tracking feature on phones, but I guess that you can’t anymore.  Just think of it, people are paying hundreds of dollars a month for smartphone bandwidth so that they can be stalked by companies handling advertising for big companies.  Every mouse click, or whatever constitutes a click with a phone, is being watched carefully, and data is being stored, so that your profile can be enhanced.

Soon, they will know what kind of car you  drive, what your favorite food is, and where you keep your dirty pictures.  (Isn’t the cloud wonderful?)  But don’t worry, they are respecting your privacy.  At least, as far as the agreement that you signed when you got the phone requires them to.  If you are a terrorist, they won’t tell the government on you, they will just try to sell you better weapons.  And you will only have to pay $XXX a month for the privilege of being stalked, I mean tracked.

What I don’t understand is paying so much money so that you can leave the house and still be bored, surfing the web, checking your email, and playing games.  Why not just stay home?  You are probably paying for internet service at home, too, right?  Got to be able to stream movies.  Oh, well, soon the phones will be implanted, so we won’t have to be rude to each other by staring at our phones.  We can just stare off into space.  I do that anyway.


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