Studs give no grip

The past few days, I have been working outside near a major thoroughfare, and I have noticed how many cars have studded tires on.  We have not had any snow, freezing rain, or even sleet for the last month and-a-half, but people are still driving around with tires that have little pieces of metal pushed into them.  These pieces of metal are supposed to improve traction on icy surfaces.  Which they do, sometimes, but most of the time, they just reduce the traction, by lifting the tire up off of the road.  Braking distances are longer, and cornering is seriously impaired.  But that is not the worst.

Studded tires tear up the roads, accelerating wear, destroying paint and decals, and creating a very fine gravel, which is bad for motorcyclists.  Driving studded tires on dry pavement also makes the studs go away really fast.  In spite of all of that, I do have studded tires.  They are permanently mounted on spare wheels, and I only put them on the car when the roads are super icy.  Most of the time, all season radial tires work quite well, as the rubber is formulated to get soft when the tire gets cold.  But I can swap out the tires in less than an hour, in my own driveway.  Actually, I hardly ever use my studded tires, and would not be upset if they were banned.  They do tear up the roads, and they do reduce traction most of the time.  But I am sure that there is an amendment which guarantees the right to run studs.  When driverless cars get popular, maybe we can get rid of the studs!


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