No more incumbency!

One of the fastest ways to improve American politics would be to eliminate incumbency.  Instead of trying to agree on how many terms someone should be able to serve, I say let’s make everyone step down after their term.  This would eliminate the “We can’t do anything about that because it is an election year” crap.  Term limits are popular because they prevent people from staying in office for decades.  But what if they are good legislators or administrators?  So, we let people serve as often as they like, but they have to step down after each term.  Also, I would like to make it impossible to run for office if you are currently holding an elected office.  No more using an office as a stepping stone to another office, no more campaigning while supposedly carrying out the duties of an office.

Allowing someone to serve as many times as they wish, while requiring that they step down after each elected term, would prevent the abuses of office that are so common now, while allowing exceptional people to serve again and again.   Perhaps the easiest way to say this is “No person holding elected office is eligible to be elected to office.”


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