Paradigm shift

There has been a gradual change in the basic philosophy of capitalist organizations over the last fifty years.  Instead of filling a need for goods or services, business today is purely for profit, without concern for the future, the customer, or the worker.  There is no sense of community in business anymore, no sharing of sacrifice, no handing out surplus anything, an attitude of ‘us versus them’.  This is primarily due to the shareholder becoming the dominant force in deciding the directions the organization will go.  Management is focused on increasing the profitability of the enterprise, without concern for any intangibles, such as the well-being of the customer, the attitudes of the workers, or the future.

Multi-national corporations are forcing local entrepreneurs and business owners out by undercutting them in price, selection, and service, which seems like a good thing, but when the competition is gone, quality of goods and services decline, prices go up, and choice is often limited.  It would be wonderful if we all were payed to consume, without having to worry about coming up with the means, but the way the economy is supposed to work is that we produce things that other people want, and we are rewarded for producing them so that we can consume.  But capital has moved the jobs to places where the labor costs a fraction of what it did here, so that they can pocket the difference.

As a result, we are seeing a global decrease in product quality and durability, and a general loss of self-esteem and optimism.  We are not allowed to do our best, because that will take too long.  The materials we use to make the products that our company sells are garbage, so how can we take pride in making them?  The tools, fasteners, steel, and electronics we get are inferior, so we have difficulty doing repairs, building new things, or putting together systems.  The quality of life is deteriorating, while the amount of wealth in the world is exploding.  Materialism is rampant, and spiritual life is practically non-existent in Western societies, which is pretty much all of the places that trade finished goods with each other.  Even China has succumbed to the lure of materialism, and the Chinese Communist Party is micromanaging the Chinese stock market.  The Communists are worried that the centerpiece of Capitalism is not working properly in their country.  We’re doomed.


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