The Spirit of Work

Working together, sharing sacrifice, sharing resources, this is how people have survived until now.  We are losing this ability because we are bombarded with materialistic messages which focus our energy on acquiring things we don’t need.  All of our energy is supposed to go into consuming, buying, enriching others so that we can feel valuable.  ‘Retail therapy’ it is called, ‘shopping’ is what it used to be called, ‘impulse buying’ is what the marketers call it. “I want that.”  “That is mine.”  “Get one of your own.” These are the ways that we express materialism.  Spending money to prove to ourselves that we have value in our society, when actually we are enriching someone else at our expense.

Wealth is the sum of assets in one’s possession, calculated by what you think that they are worth to other people, what you can ‘get’ for them.  In materialistic terms, that is the only way to view resources, as a form of individual wealth.  A spiritual way of viewing resources is what they can be used for that will benefit the most people.  A materialistic way of thought is “I will make things better for myself without regard to what it does to anything else”.  A spiritualistic way of thought is “If I make things better for everyone, than things will get better for me, too.”  Materialism is the way of the individual, spiritualism is the way of the group.  ‘Before I think for myself, I will think of all the others, what they need, what they have, what they don’t want.’  Because the group might survive, but the individual will not.

When people work together on a project, contributing their energy, skill, intuition, and drive, they create something intangible, yet real.  Combining our effort results in a synergy which multiplies our input by more than one.  Two people can accomplish more working together than two people working alone would.  A team who know their tasks, and how to perform them in concert with other people performing their tasks is a dance, an expression of what we call ‘art’, when magic is created.  Materialism sucks that magic out, converts it to profit, and puts that profit in the pockets of people who had nothing to do with making the magic happen.  Spiritualism recognizes the importance of everyone, and justifies sharing resources through that importance.  Spiritualism is how we treat each other, our feelings about each other, what we contribute to each other.


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