Why save daylight time?

This year, Daylight Savings Time seems to have started ridiculously early, as the nights are still longer than the days.  The whole point of advancing our clocks to save daylight seems a bit ridiculous to me, as the era of factories is long over, and most offices are lit all the time they are occupied.  (If not longer.)  DST made sense when most of the population was working in factories, but today, there is hardly any justification for it.  No study I have ever heard of has proven that energy is saved by using DST, although that is the reason given by most people when questioned as to why we must disorient ourselves every six months or so.

Perhaps you don’t suffer from the change in the clocks like I do, but I have met many people who agree that they feel out of phase, or uncomfortable, for a while after the time is shifted.  We have  a circadian rhythm which affects our metabolism, emotions, mental state, and other aspects of our existence, and this rhythm is based upon time.  You may know somebody who wakes up ahead of the alarm clock all the time.  Well, this will mess with their inner clock.  Weeks may pass before I feel like my time sense has gotten re-calibrated, and I will face the same thing when we switch back.

We are supposedly living in a post-industrial society, so why do we have to go on living the way people did back then?  Three square meals a day was the industrial way, it is not good for us to eat like that.  Nor is it good for us to have our time sense messed with constantly.


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