Imaginary bridges

Trillions of dollars in wealth has been created in the last few decades.  Enough for every person on the planet to have a place to live, medical and dental care, and an education.  Several times over.  But this wealth is not improving the quality of life for anybody, it is for the most part chasing other money in an attempt to create more money out of nothing.  People who have billions of dollars can’t begin to spend it on goods and services, so the wealth is out of circulation, not flowing through the system anymore

There is another kind of wealth, the kind of wealth which benefits everyone, and which lasts and lasts.  My favorite example is a bridge, which spans a long, deep chasm, or canyon.  Going around takes hours, and lots of energy.  Every time that the bridge is used, the equivalent to the cost of the time and fuel is created, added to the system.  A highway allows goods and people to travel faster, with less effort.  That creates value.  A waterworks supplies clean drinking water to a city.  This prevents illness and death, which creates value.  These forms of wealth make all of us wealthy, because they benefit all of us.

Instead of investing in the future, building new bridges, roads, schools, our wealthy have been trying to accumulate even more wealth, with the sole intent of hoarding it.  They see it as a game, a pastime.  But they are sucking the life-blood out of our economy, taking all the energy, leaving none for even fixing what breaks.  The greed is destroying us.  We need to start building real bridges, fixing real roads, instead of making more funny money.



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