Obsessed with Access

People are paying large sums of money so that they can have the convenience of the Web in their pockets.  This allows them to be tracked physically by organizations which also know about their browsing habits, who their friends are, and whether or not they own their home. Other people are raking in bank because Americans are so obsessed with access.  Smartphone charges are rapidly becoming one of people’s highest expenses, and sometimes supplements access to the Web via landline at home, so access costs are even higher, in total.  And most of us don’t have to even be carrying a cell phone, we choose to, so that we can be important enough to ‘be in touch’ all the time.  We are sheep being lead to slaughter, willingly forking over huge chunks of our income on stuff that we don’t really need , which  we promise to pay for with money we have not made yet.

And the purpose of the phone is being overridden by the use for Web access.  Phones are getting bigger, and more fragile, especially with touch screen phones.  Carrying a phone on a construction or repair job is a good way to keep up with the latest in phone technology, because you will be buying new ones all the time.  If you don’t kill yourself by looking at your phone.  Sometimes, what we desire the most is what is the worst for us.  And those around us.  Don’t text and drive!  Watch where you are walking!


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