A beautiful triangle

Just got back from one of my early Monday morning stumbles, and I wanted to share the wonderful sky I saw.  The Moon was waning from being full a few days ago, and right below it were three bright objects.  When I looked it up on my astronomy program, I discovered that I was seeing Mars, Saturn, and the star Antares.  The triangle was quite striking, and the Moon drew the eye to that part of the sky.

Looking at the night sky is one of my favorite pastimes, especially when it is dark.  There is so much to see, such incredible beauty, and every once in a while a falling star (meteor) makes an appearance, which is even more special.  I live under a major air traffic route, so there are frequently jets going by high overhead, sometimes I can see more than one.  Occasionally, I get to see the Northern Lights, the aurora, which is super special.


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