Fire! Fire!

Recently, I was one of the first people to come upon a fire in a complex of condominiums.  There were two police officers who were trying to wake people up, and I joined them, beating on doors and yelling “Fire!”  In the few minutes it took for the first fire engines to arrive, the fire had run down the open attic of the structure, involving 5 additional units.  After the fire department arrived, I walked back to my house, got my camera, and jumped into my car.  Driving quickly, I returned to as close as I could get to the fire, and then parked my car.

Over the ensuing hour, I took a little over 200 photos, many of which were out of focus, or underexposed, but a few of them came out, and I have posted them on my Facebook account.  As far as I know, everyone was evacuated safely, and there were no injuries.  I do know that I was hearing alarms from the firefighter’s air bottles constantly, as each bottle was expended.  Every unit in the structure was damaged, some heavily.  Everyone was fortunate that the wind was not blowing, as this fire could have spread very easily.


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