Sliding into Darkness

Materialism leads to greed, where an individual comes to believe that they are better than everyone else, and therefore deserve the bulk of the wealth.  Acquiring more wealth becomes the goal of the greedy, even if they cannot use what they already have.  Depriving people of essential goods and services in order to maximize profits is allowed by society,  and  ignored even when society must provide those essential goods and services.

Our materialistic culture teaches us to cherish things instead of people, and lures us into sacrificing much of our time, and our health, to a job which provides no spiritual rewards, no sense of accomplishment, no pride in the work.  We accumulate the trappings of wealth, the big house, the fancy cars, the expensive toys, but they leave us feeling empty, cheated.  The stress of holding down a job eats away at us, physically and mentally, until the stress is expressed in physical ailments.  Uncertainty about the future, fear of losing what employment we have, and emotional isolation hammer at our well-being.

People are giving up, turning their backs on life, and killing themselves in steadily rising numbers.  Murder-suicide is becoming a common thing, even to the point of someone killing their own children before they kill themselves.  The Western way of life, capitalism, consumerism, materialism, is spreading across the globe, turning the focus away from the group, the tribe, the clan, and onto the individual, me, I.  Images of young people having fun are used to tempt us into accepting the materialism, embracing the greed, the lust for things.  Media, television, the Web, these are the tools that capitalism uses to ensnare us, to corrupt us.  Our society is spiraling down into darkness.  Avoiding it is the only way to stay sane.  Turn off the TV, put down the phone, and go for a walk.  Look around you, see the world the way that it really is.


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