The value of people.

Every person has value, an inherent worth, which cannot be calculated or assigned a number, because people are all worth the same.  Each individual, every one of us, is worth exactly the same as any of us.  We are the most complex, advanced, intelligent aspect of the Cosmos we know of.  Every one of us is a miracle, magical energy wrapped in a body which is only temporary.  Simply by being here, we contribute to the group, the community.  An idea, an emotion, laughter, a hug, people bring these to us, share them with us, and we do the same with someone else.  We are each breaking trail for the rest, helping each other merely by being here.

Materialistic society has tried to turn us against each other, by claiming some have more worth than others, or that possessing certain things makes a person more valuable. Yet, strip away the materialistic trappings, and we all are the same.  No matter how much you own, what you own is not a part of you, but something which you hold on to.


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