An ancient holiday, a time to party!

May first is Beltane, the Celtic celebration of the beginning of Summer, as well as the consummation of the union of the Goddess and the God, who were betrothed to each other at the Spring, or Vernal, Equinox.  Many people in Northwestern Europe believed that there were only two seasons, Summer and Winter, and the change from one to the other was always marked.  The end of Summer was Samhain, the origin of Halloween in our culture, when everything is dying.

The sexual energy of Spring was inherent in celebrations of Mayday, with Maypole dances, trial marriages, re-affirmation of wedding vows, and many other rituals and traditions.  In America today, Mayday is hardly celebrated, and is often confused with the Mexican celebration of Cinco De Mayo, which is actually an independence celebration, if memory serves me correctly.  This is a good time to walk in the outdoors, observing the budding plants and trees, (if you don’t have allergies,) life beginning again all around us.

We need bookmarks, place holders if you will, in our journey through our existence, a way of separating one time from another.  If we don’t do this, our lives become one constant span of sameness, undifferentiated.  If pagan rituals turn you off, you can also celebrate the beginning of the labor movement, with International Worker’s Day.  Whatever, just party!


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