Capitalistic Communism

China has become a communist nation where people can’t find work.  The very definition of communism has been altered by the power of capitalistic greed.  Communist heaven has become sweatshops making goods for incomprehensible foreigners, with wage slaves toiling endless hours.  Because the workers have actually managed to improve their standard of living, they are now becoming too expensive.  The fickle finger of capitalism is now seeking lower priced labor elsewhere.

Capitalism does not care about people, the future, or the environment.  Capitalism is the exploitation of all three, shamelessly destroying them.  Without a sense of community, capitalism becomes a destructive force, denying growth, alienating the people who are essential to capitalism, the consumer.  Unchecked, capitalism will result in economic activity coming to a halt, as all of the wealth is held by a small percentage of the population.  A sense of community causes investment in the consumer, a sharing of the immense wealth that is being generated by consumerism.

Making sure that the consumer has a place to live, food to eat, and can attend school, creates a community where consumption is automatic, programmed into society.  A minimum level of survival is a product with monetary value, which adds to the Gross Domestic Product, the net worth of all of us added together.  The more we share that net worth, the more net worth we create.  What you do unto others will come back to you.  If you share your wealth, wealth will be shared with you.  Withhold your wealth, and wealth becomes difficult to find, or withers away.


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