Climate warming, or global change?

Was out for a walk a little while ago, and I heard crickets chirping, which is rather unusual in early May where I live.  Used to be, I wouldn’t hear crickets until mid-July, and I have always associated them with late summer around here.  To be chirping now, the crickets must have hatched out over a month ago, if I remember correctly.  Last year, I heard crickets in mid-May, and we had the warmest year on record here.

In many cases, the warmer temps are at night, when things don’t cool off like they used to.  Instead of overnight lows in the upper 30’s and low 40’s, they have been close to 60, which raises the average temperature for the day considerably.  Over the year of 2015, many more record highs were set than record lows, and average temperatures were several degrees higher than normal in many locations.

Regardless of what is causing it, our environment seems to be shifting, and indications are that it may be changing faster than any previous forecasts have predicted.  Assigning the blame for the situation will not help cope with the situation, and coping is what we are going to be scrambling to do.  We are living in interesting times.  Enjoy!


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