We are family

Some time ago, I heard the expression ‘the family of Man’.  Seems to me that we need to act more like friends than family, at least the way a lot of families that I know behave.  But the sentiment is still there, that we are all related, that we all belong, that being human is something that we have in common with other people.  Focusing on our differences makes it harder to win compromise, to find agreement, to get along.  No matter how different we are, we need each other, our various skills, strengths, and experiences.  We all have something to contribute.

When disaster strikes, when things break down, or go up in flames, or start acting strangely, we need each other.  Alone, we are nothing, no matter much money we have, how much land we own, how big and nasty we are.  Alone, everything that we have done will be lost, forgotten.  Together, memories are passed on, knowledge is preserved, inventions perfected.  Our contribution will be important, somehow.


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