Car trains

Would you be more inclined to travel by train if you could take your car?  Just imagine:  No airport security hassles to undergo, no cramped seat to torture you, and no rental agency to deal with.  Just drive your car onto the train, take what bags you need for the train trip, and lock up the car.  You arrive at your destination relaxed, refreshed, and ready to learn how the locals drive.

Between security delays, overbooking of flights, and the ‘take ’em for all their worth’ attitude of the airlines, rail travel seems positively inviting.  If you want to walk around, go right ahead.  If you want a few drinks, go ahead.  And train technology is advancing rapidly, so trains will be able to travel much faster soon.

The steel wheel on the steel rail is still the most efficient way to move mass over land, while the airplane is the most inefficient way there is.  And trains are so much more enjoyable than planes.  Whoever said ‘getting there is half the fun’ hasn’t flown commercial airlines recently!


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