Contributing to the common good

When I get home from work, I like to feel that what I did today has, in some way, contributed to the common good.  By putting my energy into the things that I do, beyond merely doing the minimum  necessary to get the job done, I add a little bit to the turning of the wheel.  Putting a flourish on project, being a craftsman instead of just a worker, using knowledge and skill to get a little bit more done, these are ways of finding pride in what I do.

So many people do not find happiness in their work, merely drudgery, boredom, and frustration.  Often times this is because they are not allowed to work in ways that are creative and rewarding, but instead must perform mindless tasks, or work with poor materials and tools.  A poorly trained team member can affect the work of the whole team, especially if that team cannot slow down and explain things because the demand for productivity is extremely high.

Corporations are complaining because productivity has quit increasing dramatically like it did for about 20 years.  That was when computers and automation were being introduced into many fields.  Productivity doubled several times, but the workers saw none of the benefits of their improved efforts. The shareholders and the executives seem to be the only ones who profited from all the increased production.  There is little incentive to work harder, improve methods, or rally others’ morale when you know that there will be no improvement in your situation, and the overall community is not benefiting from your efforts.


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