Keyboard wars

Someday, I would like to see an elementary school set up some computers with Dvorak keyboards alongside the Qwerty ones, and let the kids try both.  After a while, watch to see which keyboards are used the most.  Then, at the end of the year, test the kids to see which keyboard they are fastest on.  This seems to me about the only way of determining if Dvorak keyboards are actually superior to Qwerty keyboards.

Of course, keyboards may not be around much longer, as computers get better at recognizing words.  But something tells me that we will have keyboards for a while yet, and I would like to see the Qwerty layout get some competition.  I mean, the only reason that it is the standard is that the typewriter that used the Qwerty layout was more successful than other typewriters.

What is the difference?  The Qwerty keyboard layout was developed in the 1800’s, with the intention of making the typist switch hands on as many keystrokes as possible, to avoid causing key jams.  The Dvorak layout was the result of the study of typing, the English language, and typists, and was actually designed to improve typing speed.


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