Living with no money

Switzerland just rejected a proposal to provide a guaranteed income to every Swiss citizen.  This followed the defeat of a proposed increase in the minimum wage to the equivalent of about $25 an hour.  People are very upset about income inequality, and ideas such as these are becoming more popular.

Instead of promising people a certain amount of money, maybe we should offer a guarantee of a place to sleep, food to eat, medical care, and education.  The place to sleep might be a 2 meter by 3 meter room, the food might be from a cafeteria, but they would be there if they are needed.  Medical care and education should already be assured, as that is in the best interests of all of us.

Providing every American with a safe, dry place to sleep and nutritious food would not cost very much, compared to the social services programs we currently have.  Rather than handing out vouchers, just make housing available, and food, for those who need it.  Basic, plain, simple,  enough to survive, but not enough to encourage lazing about.  Make it so that people can get by without having money, because the money is all in the hands of a few.


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